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Sage 50 Cloud

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Sage 50 Cloud Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 50 - Quotation
what Is Sage 50 Cloud?

Sage 50 Cloud is a market leading business management software, the next era of Sage UBS. Embedding and improving on 25 years of business experience from our 500,000 users, this latest version includes a multitude of innovation to adjust to the changing requirements of users as well as looking at a new ways of doing things more efficiently. The Sage 50 suite covers requirements from simple billing and cash management, to full accounting and inventory management. Usability is guided by simple and direct business processes, enriched with many reports and business intelligence tools.

As an organization that lives innovation and believes in the freedom of choice for our customers, we offer great new ways to enjoy our suite of Sage 50 products.We trust that one will definitely meet your needs.

Why Sage 50?

Every business starts with sales. This is why while Sage 50 is available in 5 different functional packages, you can start with the Billing package. The most important activity for a new start-up or a micro business is to generate sales and provide good customer service in order to build the business. Sage 50 Billing allows you to register sales invoices and your suppliers’ invoices in multiple currencies. Since cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, you can enter and keep track of payments and receipts and generate a cash flow statement at any time to monitor the financial health of the business.

As your business grows, you can add the accounting functions in two packages, with basic Accounting and then Professional Accounting. With further business expansion, you will want to take advantage of bulk purchases to reduce your purchasing costs. You can add basic inventory control with Complete Business and upgrade that further into Premium Business.

As you upgrade your license from 1 functional package to the next, all you need to do is to activate a new license code. There is no need to remove the previous product or to re-install a new software product or module.

Feature Matrix

 GET UP AND RUNNING : Have an immediate start to gain control of your business
 Easy to set up and use with over 80 industry templates  available 
 JumpStart for wizard driven masters set up   
 Transaction Wizards with sample views & information   
 Tasks Flow for overview and direct access   
 Easily find information via Search       
 E-Learning with Quick Start Guide and online content   
 Help center with Online Support Chat 
 Multi Languages supported 
 Online Registration & Activation 
 In-App Purchase for direct execution of requests on  renewal,etc. 

 MANAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS : The ability to service,track and retain the best mix of customers for your business

 Manage quotations with version control and expiry date      
 Manage Consignment Order and Consignment Returns       
 Generate Sales Order / Sales Invoice directly from quotation       
 Set delivery date to satisfy customers with prompt shipment          
 Multiple delivery addresses to handle different sites shipment       
 Combine multiple sales orders into a shipment       
 Consolidate multiple shipments in a Sales Invoice      
 Single Sales Invoice 
 Use multiple currencies in your business 
 Configurable price management for creative and effective price  strategies     
 Apply flexible discounts to win business 
 Project application and reporting     
 Multi-dimensional analysis to diagnose business strength     
 Easily email invoices and statements to your customers   
 Manage your payables and the due dates
 Tax Application 
 Record Cash Sales 
 Manage returns against delivery orders          
 Receive and process card payments 
 Easily configure source documents for specific use 
 Export your information to Microsoft Office     
 Find contact details quickly and easily 
 Apply Attributes for selective reporting 

 MANAGE YOUR SUPPLIERS : The ability to manage your supplier base to provide the best products and  service  packages for your customers
 Manage Purchases Orders      
 Multiple warehouse locations for receiving goods   Single  Single  Single
 Receiving goods against multiple purchase orders      
 Registering Supplier's Invoice against multiple shipments 
 Discount and Tax application 
 Handling returns or incorrect shipments       
 Manage your payables and the due dates 
 Easily email documents to your suppliers 
 Find contact details quickly and easily 
 Export your information to Microsoft Office     
 Use multiple currencies in your business 
 Configurable price management to manage creative buying  strategies

 MANAGE YOUR STOCKS : The ability to manage stock availability to service customers efficiently and  report  its value accurately
 Maintain and configure items 

 Multiple item types for different billing usage and reporting: 
1 . Stock    2 . Non-stock   
3 . Service   4 . Assembly 

 2,3  2,3 2,3  1,2,3  1,2,3,4 
 Choice of Periodic or Perpetual Inventory system      
 3 costing methods for your stock value - Average , FIFO or  Fixed Cost       
 Attributes for specific reporting needs    
 Inventory count for year-end stock adjustment       
 Maintainable and configurable Unit of Measurement for  packing  needs       
 Item Assembly & Finished Goods for simple BOM handling       

 MANAGE YOUR FINANCES : The ability to manage cash flow, in period and end of period accounts,  produce  management accounts, and manage funds,capital & assets  
 The ability to manage cash-flow, accounting requirements,  and produce financial reports
 Keep track  of money going in and out of your business
 See your cash position at a glance 
 View your cash position ahead with dues to be paid and  received 
 Bank reconciliation for up to date figures 
 Control budgets for key areas of your business with version  control     
 Use a standard industry chart of accounts or build your own   
 Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports   
 Annual Accounting and Year-end run   Only YE
 Prepare periodic GST /VAT or other tax submissions  

  This Table specifies the limit in each of these following features
 Users  Single  3  10  20  20
 Administration (Companies)  3  5  10 25 50 
 No. of Projects       10 50  200 
 No. of Analytical Codes     
 No. of Budgets     20  50 
 Customer Price Agreements      20  50 
 Supplier Price Agreements       20 50 

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