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e-Invoicing Model

30 Apr 2024
e-Invoicing Model
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Overview of the e-Invoicing Model

To facilitate the transition to e-Invoicing, taxpayers can choose the most appropriate mechanism to send e-Invoicing to IRBM, based on their business needs and specific circumstances.

There are two (2) e-invoice delivery mechanism options that taxpayers can choose:

  1. Portal MyInvois
    • A portal hosted by IRBM
    • Accessible to all taxpayers at no cost
    • Also accessible to taxpayers who need to issue e-Invoices when the Application Programming Interface (API) connection is not available

  2. Application Programming Interface (API)
    • The API is a set of programming code that enables direct data transmission between the taxpayer system and the MyInvois System
    • Requires initial investment in technology and adjustments to existing systems
    • Suitable for large taxpayers or businesses with large transaction volumes

The diagram below shows an overview of the e-Invoicing implementation workflow. It starts from the preparation of e-Invois through the MyInvois Portal or API to the process of storing e-Invoic documents that have been confirmed in IRBM's database for taxpayers to view their e-Invoic history.

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